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Site updated 8/28/2015

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Escape From the Dead v2 Kickoff Event at the Varsity Theatre. Tickets are $7 and will are available onlineHereand will also be available soon at a location.


Horrorthology: Smart Phone will be shown at the EFTD Showing - hop over and like the page! Here


3B is partnering with Central Iowa Shelter Services, the DSM Social Club, The Varsity Theatre, The DSM Zombie Walk and Zombie Burger/Drink Lab to bring Escape From the Dead v2 this Halloween.Here

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3B Event Calendar

EFTD - Varsity Kickoff
Horrorthology Short - Cell Phone
EFTD Showing - w DSM Zombie Walk 2pm

EFTD Novel

3B's Escape From the Dead is now available in our store for Kindle / Nook and EPUB format for only $4.99! Get your copy today!Here

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